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Nail care

Hello beautiful, Nailgod is very pleased to provide high-class services to customers. In addition, Nailgod will also share knowledge and life with nail topics. Today's topic will be about taking care of your nails.

First of all, to properly care for it, we need to understand the structure of our nails. In terms of composition, nails are made up of many layers of a hard, horn-like protein called keratin. Keratin itself is a protein with a fibrous structure, an important structural material that makes up the outer layers of human skin, and is also the main component of hair and nails.

In order to get any kind of nail enhancement , we have to drill the surface of the nail to create a rough texture for long lasting results. That will make your nails thinner and weaker. But that's okay, don't worry. At Nailgod, we only use light pressure when working on the natural nails surface. In addition, we only use high-quality products, low in toxic ingredients to minimize damage to customer nails. What's more important is self-care after leaving the salon. You need to have a very healthy and protein-rich diet, because nails are made of protein. In addition, drinking enough water a day helps to moisturize the nails as well as the whole body, limiting the phenomenon of dry, brittle nails. Besides, moisturizing is very necessary, you can use lotions for the body regularly on the hands. Nailgod we show you a trick that we know and have many satisfied customers. It is to soak the nails in warm olive oil, which helps the nails to be sufficiently moisturized, and to nourish the nails.

We hope you can have healthy nails, Nailgod is always happy to welcome you if you want to have beautiful and healthy nails.

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