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Hello beautiful people, Nailgod we are always ready to welcome customers with luxurious nail services. In addition, Nailgod will also share information about life related to nails.

To own a perfect nail set, in addition to depending on the quality of products such as hard gels, design brushes and the skills of the nail technician, choosing the right nail form for each hand is also very important.

Oval shapes:

Short oval nail tips will be suitable for girls with short, full fingers and wide, blunt nail bed. If your fingers are already elongated and the fleshy part is wide and short, the oval shape is also your ideal choice.

Square shape:

With a strong edge and a pointed or rounded square tip, this nail shape is completely classic French manicure. Square nails are ideal for slightly large nails, because if applied to small nails, it makes the nails look shorter and wider, very rough and unfeminine.

Round shape:

Round nails are nails that have a rounded tip. Nail experts often encourage clients with short and chubby fingers to choose this nail style because it makes the fingers look longer and the hands slimmer.

Stiletto or Almond shape:

Would suit very short and slim fingers. Nail form will help your hands look slimmer and more feminine.

Nailgod hopes the above information will help you to have a beautiful nail. You can visit our salon for a consultation. Sincere thanks.

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